Green Meanie

From initial conception to finished ring: in just under a few weeks we are able to turn vision to reality.

Three diamonds, one being the fancy intense green, are encapsulated and cemented in time. Made specific for our client, this ring resembles their mind and interests. The varying planes and shape of the ring attest to their out-of-the-box thinking and ingenuity. The green diamond itself represents his affinity and fondness for nature and the outdoors.

Having trekked some of the most beautiful yet treacherous places around the world, this ring represents his adventures past, present, and yet to come.





Stage 1: Sketches


The initial drawings and vision for a ring all had the same heart: an octagonal shape. This everyday shape inspired us to go even further and see what was possibly geometrically for a piece of jewelry.


Next was designing the planes for the sides of the ring. The green diamond is unique; its home must also be.

Stage 2: CAD Design


The CAD process is possibly the lengthiest after design. A CAD, or computed-aided design, uses the elements of the sketch and stone dimensions to formulate a rendering of what the ring will look like.


In this process any changes to the ring are finalized, keeping close consideration to what the desired ring will look like, and what can securely house these high-value diamonds.

Stage 3: Wax

Design Confirmation

In order to confirm the CAD design meets our clients exact standards, a wax resin is printed, creating the first physical version of the ring.

Stage 4: Casting


After the wax is confirmed perfect, a casting of 14k White Gold Alloy is casted. Rhodium is applied to make the gold achieve this white look, which is then pre-polished.

Stage 5: Final Ring


The diamonds will be set by our professional setter.


Our setter will then polish the ring and make any final details to ensure the ring is perfect.