Diamonds are precious, and not just because people say so.

Why Are Diamonds So Valuable?
The cost of any diamond comes from the arduous process of crystals going from deep in the Earth to your hand, and every step in between. We are devoted to showing you this operation so you can trust your diamonds once again.

Value Comes Through Refinement
Through the steps of refinement, diamonds are chosen for their Clarity as well as their weight, which is measured in Carats. The best choices are then taken to a diamond cutter to be shaped into the iconic diamond look. Depending on the skill of the cutter, the Cut can reveal the inherent beauty of a diamond—or distract from it. The right cut can bring out a diamond’s Color, and can enhance the natural Brilliance of the stone.

These processes, along with the level of purity within each stone is what creates value. Those things cannot be taken away or lost no matter how many hands the diamond passes through—meaning your investment is secure forever.

Changing the Industry
With modern technology, we are disrupting the diamond industry so you can rely on the value of your investment in real time and by using what you’re familiar with. We have the right tools to help you not only find the best value, but also to create a unique piece of your own with the stones you’ve chosen.

Víya is out to disrupt the diamond industry, bringing transparency in a way that has never been possible before: advanced technology, real-time order tracking, proprietary apps, and superior customer service means you can diamond like never before.