About Us

Volume One: Our Roots

In the heart of Gujarat, India, where passion for diamonds runs deep, Viya’s heritage was born.

This story began in a city where 90% of the world’s diamonds find their brilliance, where family bonds interweave with the sparkle of these precious gems and stories of rag-to-riches are written.

     Manav's father, Kiran Vaghashiya, started his journey in a rural Gujarat village in 1971. He left home as a young teenager filled with ambition seeking a better future in Surat, known as “The Diamond City.” With little formal education, he entered the world of diamonds, learning every aspect from the ground up.Kiran's legacy was tragically cut short in 2017. His wife, Pallavi, and their eldest son, Manav, took up the mantle, determined to build upon the foundation Kiran had laid.

     Manav's mission was clear: Viya would continue Kiran’s legacy by not only following in his footsteps but by continuously adapting and evolving as we seek to be better versions of ourselves. Viya's goal is to ensure this South Asian legacy shines brightly in the world of diamonds and to inspire generations to come.
Life should be a gentle breeze.

Volume Two: Our Legacy

     “In a couple of days, it'll be my dad's seven year death anniversary. It’s a trying time every year but I'm fortunate and grateful because without his endeavors, the challenges he overcame and sacrifices he made, our family wouldn't have been able to stay so strong and Viya would never have come into the picture.

     My dad had just finished 6th grade when he left for Surat, Gujarat. He wanted a better life than just toiling the fields so he began his journey to the closest city to find work. In Surat, while living in cramped conditions, he was able to send money back home by working odd jobs such as ironing clothes, serving chai and cutting/polishing diamonds.

     With little to no education, my dad found his niche in manufacturing diamonds, literally by cutting rough diamonds himself. Eventually with a little bit of luck after miserably failing trying to trade diamonds himself, he was able to work at our cousin's manufacturing operation. There he was able to work his way up to their operations in Mumbai, then to Hong Kong and finally to New York.

     In 2000, he founded our parent company with the help of my mom. Our parent company and the ground work my dad laid down paved the foundations for Viya.

    When he passed away, our lives changed. My mom was able to keep the ship steady while my brother and I finished up school. Funny enough, I wanted to build rocket engines and my brother wanted to get into banking.

     We eventually took over our parent company where we began our journey learning the craft and trade. Viya, in the beginning was our passion project, a place where we can showcase our creativity and pay tribute to our parents by crafting beautiful pieces for our friends and family.

   "It's much more than that now. Viya, through the support of our growing community, has blossomed but our legacy continues to be the same.”