Custom Engagement Ring Design Process

Known nowadays for all things diamond jewelry, Víya was originally born from the necessity of a catered experience for those looking to propose to their significant other. From this we have further refined and improved the process over the years, taking consumer feedback after every finished ring. From here, we have crafted a fairly structured method we like to call the process:

Step one of the process is simple: talking with you! Whether virtual or in person, this consists of simply getting to know you. After this we will discuss your vision for the ring, budget, all with no commitment. To enter into the process, click here to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation! 

After our understanding of what will work best for your needs, we use our extensive network and knowledge to sort through diamonds around the globe, picking out 7-10 to show you in-person. This is undergone through a scheduled meeting of visiting our NYC private office (or virtual), starting through an educational powerpoint to help you understand your investment and help you make the best educated decision as possible. Whether you choose Víya to make your dream ring or not, our goal is to create informed buyers. After our presentation comes the fun part: looking at diamonds! We will go through each diamond one-by-one, explaining their unique characteristics and differences. Whether or not you’re ready to make a purchasing decision then and there, we encourage everyone to think it over for the night to ensure they’re 100% ecstatic & confident about their decision. 

Once a stone is picked is our favorite part (and soon to be yours): design. Whether a simple design you’ve seen online or a completely new one, we take great value in each ring being completely custom and pushing the boundaries of design. Whether in person (preferably) or virtual, we will brainstorm and sketch ideas for your dream ring. This step is a complete collaboration between you and us!

The final confirmed design will then be sent to our CAD team in order to create a digital file and rendering of your ring. From here changes can be made and a 3-D wax model is printed. You can come in person to see this and make alterations as needed, or have it sent to you to view on your mobile device . When the design is perfect, we will send the CAD file over to our casting house to be casted in the gold of your choice!

Upon receiving the casting we will have picked out the necessary diamonds to perfectly match your center stone in color and clarity. This is essential in creating a uniform ring, as well as it gives you the most value! All of the ring’s components are handed off to our master setter, instilling the final step of the process: the finished ring. 

An aspect of the process we value highly is photography. Our in-house professional photographer is along every step of the way, ensuring photos of your diamond, wax, casting, and finished ring. 

Your finished ring will include proper packaging, materials, and a full appraisal report for each piece made. This appraisal is necessary if you choose to insure your products through an insurance company of your choice. The ring(s) will ship secured through insured armored shipping, ensuring safe and undamaged delivery!

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