Unveiling Víya's Captivating Diamond Cross Pendant Collection

Adorn Your Spirit with Elegance - Explore the Diversity of Styles

Welcome to a realm where elegance meets faith, where exquisite craftsmanship intertwines with timeless devotion. We are thrilled to introduce our latest jewelry collection, an array of dazzling diamond crosses that are more than just accessories – they are symbols of faith, grace, and individuality. Join us on a journey through the artistry and inspiration behind each distinct piece in this captivating collection.

A Tapestry of Styles:

Our new jewelry collection showcases the iconic symbol of the cross in six distinct styles, each thoughtfully designed to resonate with unique tastes and preferences. We understand that jewelry is an extension of one's identity, and that's why we embarked on a creative journey to craft crosses that mirror the diverse essence of every wearer.

The Round Classic Cross: This design pays homage to tradition, featuring a timeless cross embellished with an array of brilliant diamonds. Its elegance knows no bounds, perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of enduring style.

The Round Classic Large Cross: For lovers of the round classic style comes the increased large size. With the ten added tones, the classic large cross is slim yet dazzling. Perfect for someone of larger stature, or those who simply want to shine.

The Round Boxy Cross: When designing something so timeless, it’s crucial to explore styles which amplify the design while also elevating it. The boxy cross gives a rectangular take to the traditional cross, better resembling the shape of wood. 

The Round Bezel Cross: Inspired by the craftsmanship of the bezel, this cross enables the wearer to enjoy a slightly larger overall size while maintaining consistent diamond sizes of our other round crosses. A rounded shell of gold perfectly encapsulates each stone, making a beautiful portrayal of diamonds. 

The Asscher Cross: Advancing our collection to new diamond shapes comes the asscher cut. Known for its square shape, these diamonds are matched with precise ratios giving the illusion of a glass surface.  

The Asscher Large Cross: To amplify the asscher cross is the larger version, featuring five more asscher cut diamonds, further portraying the glass effect. 

Crafting Each Masterpiece:

Behind each cross lies an intricate process of design and craftsmanship. Our craftsmen pour their expertise into every detail, ensuring that each diamond is meticulously set to create a harmonious composition. The result? A collection of crosses that exude both luxury and meaning.

A Chain of Solid Gold:

To complement the brilliance of each diamond cross, every pendant comes with a carefully selected solid gold chain. The chains are designed to effortlessly complement the cross, allowing the pendant to flow freely with the body’s movement.

A Touch of Víya:

Each cross features a small backplate, portraying our signature V logo debossed in the back of each pendant. 

As you embark on this journey through our diamond cross collection, we invite you to explore the variety of styles and find the cross that speaks to your heart. Our aim is to provide you with a piece of jewelry that encapsulates your spirit, your faith, and your individuality. Visit here to explore the full collection and embrace the elegance of a diamond-studded cross that resonates with your essence.

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