Josh Raiffe x Víya: Sculpting Light with Glass and Gems

In the heart of Brooklyn, a fusion of fire and brilliance takes shape under the skilled hands of Josh Raiffe, a master glassblower whose artistry transforms molten glass into crystal clear masterpieces. Víya has joined forces with Josh for an extraordinary venture in The Barter Exchange, blending the luminous allure of glass with the timeless elegance of jewelry.

Our journey begins at Brooklyn Glass, where the air is thick with creativity and the glow of the furnace lights up the studio. Here, Josh introduces us to the mesmerizing world of glassblowing, a craft that, much like diamond cutting, demands precision, patience, and a daring spirit.

Josh’s 15-year journey in glassblowing has honed his ability to manipulate glass with a dancer’s grace and an architect’s precision. His creations, including the iconic glass handbag, challenge the conventional and elevate glass to a form of wearable art.

Drawing parallels between the meticulous art of diamond cutting and the fluid dynamics of glassblowing, our collaboration explores the synergies between these two crafts. The session in his studio wasn’t just an exchange of techniques but of visions, as we sketched out initial concepts that blend the clarity of glass with the scintillating beauty of diamonds.

Stay tuned as we embark on this innovative journey, crafting pieces that promise not just to adorn but to mesmerize. Follow along on our blog and social media as we document our experiments and breakthroughs, where every step in the process is a discovery in itself.

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