Zahra Nazari x Víya Jewelry: Weaving Heritage and Modernity

Venturing into Zahra’s Studio: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Venture into the heart of Chelsea where tradition meets innovation in the studio of Zahra Nazari, an Iranian-American artist known for her transcendent fusion of Muslim heritage and contemporary architectural influences. Víya is proud to collaborate with Zahra, blending our jeweled precision with her bold artistic vision.

Artistic Journey: Weaving the Past into the Present

Zahra’s artistic journey is marked by the integration of abstract painting and sculptural prowess, creating a dialogue between the ancient and the avant-garde. Her work, ranging from expansive canvases to intricate metal sculptures, serves as a testament to her diverse skills and cultural roots.

Creative Synergy: Crafting Modern Masterpieces

In this creative partnership, Zahra brings her unique perspective, infusing our jewelry designs with architectural motifs and rich cultural narratives. The collaboration explores the possibility of transforming traditional forms into modern masterpieces that resonate with stories of heritage and transformation.

Join the Creative Quest: From Vision to Reality

Watch as we meld Zahra's bold forms with Víya's delicate craftsmanship. Follow our combined journey as we experiment and innovate, pushing the boundaries of what jewelry can represent. Be part of this artistic adventure, where every creation is a bridge between eras and cultures.

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