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Follow our story, join the conversation, or even spark a collaboration of your own.

The Barter Exchange: Where Creativity Meets Collaboration

At Víya, we believe in the power of collaboration to ignite creativity and bring unprecedented beauty into the world of jewelry. That's why we've introduced The Barter Exchange – a space where artistry and imagination fuse to create extraordinary pieces for the discerning individual.

A Different Kind of Diamond

In a world where uniqueness is treasured, Víya Jewelry Co. stands apart. Our passion lies in crafting exquisite engagement rings and bridal pieces that tell a story – your story. It's an art form we’ve honed with pride and dedication.

The Barter Exchange is the heartbeat of our quest for innovation. Here, we reach beyond the sparkling confines of traditional jewelry, venturing into vibrant collaborations with creatives from diverse fields. It’s our canvas for experimentation, for marrying disparate artistic worlds into a harmonious whole.

Our Journey with Creativity

Fashion shows and industry mixers have been our playgrounds for serendipitous encounters with brilliant minds. These experiences have shaped our ethos, allowing us to weave new textures of creativity into the fabric of our brand.

But our journey doesn't stop at admiration.

Viya Collaborations

We engage, collaborate, and create alongside artists and brands, fueling a cycle of continuous growth and creativity that propels us all forward.

Creative Collaborations

Zahra Nazari x Viya

Venture where tradition meets innovation in the studio of Zahra Nazari, an Iranian-American artist known for her transcendent fusion of Muslim heritage and architectural influences. Víya is proud to collaborate with Zahra, blending our jeweled precision with her bold artistic vision.

Josh Raiffe x Viya

Discover the captivating collaboration between Víya Jewelry Co. and renowned glassblower, Josh Raiffe. Journey with us to Brooklyn Glass where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary artistry.

Joshua Mohamed x Víya

Joshua Mohamed began in December of 2020, a brand that embodies the intersection of Joshua Fawole and Mohamed Abdourahman's backgrounds and religious beliefs with their vision of fashion creativity. Together, they create luxurious streetwear garments that defy time and unite generations.

The Heart of The Barter Exchange

What if the exchange of ideas could be as tangible as the exchange of goods? The Barter Exchange is our answer – a place where the craft of jewelry-making expands through the infusion of fresh perspectives.

This initiative allows us to stretch our creative limbs, to craft one-of-a-kind pieces that might never have existed without this collaborative spark. It’s a testament to the power of sharing – not just jewelry, but visions, concepts, and the thrill of creation.

Join Our Creative Quest

From the eclectic world of fashion to the expressive strokes of the painter, The Barter Exchange brings these realms into a beautiful collision. It’s a journey that’s as unpredictable as it is inspiring, and we want you to be a part of it.

So come, let’s Do Diamonds Differently. Follow our story, join the conversation, and maybe even spark a collaboration of your own. Together, let's redefine the landscape of jewelry design.

Fully Bespoke

Custom work is our passion. Whatever you desire to create, schedule a consultation today to make it a reality.