Joshua Mohamed x Víya Jewelry: Merging Fashion and Modern Elegance

A Glimpse into Joshua Mohamed: Bridging Tradition and Fashion

Step into the world of Joshua Mohamed, where luxurious streetwear meets the rich tapestry of cultural narratives. Founded by Joshua Fawole and Mohamed Abdourahman, Joshua Mohamed is a brand that seamlessly blends the founders' diverse backgrounds and religious beliefs with their innovative approach to fashion. Víya is thrilled to collaborate with Joshua Mohamed, bringing together our intricate jewelry designs with their bold and timeless garments.

Crafting Stories: The Intersection of Heritage and Modernity

Joshua Mohamed's journey is one of fusion, where the ancient and the contemporary coexist in perfect harmony. Their collections, known for their luxurious fabrics and cutting-edge designs, tell stories of faith, passion, and identity. Each piece is a testament to their commitment to creating garments that transcend generations, uniting the past and the present.

Collaborative Excellence: Elevating Fashion and Jewelry

In this collaboration, Joshua Mohamed infuses our jewelry with their distinct aesthetic, incorporating elements that reflect their cultural heritage and modern sensibilities. Together, we explore new frontiers in fashion and jewelry, crafting pieces that are not only beautiful but also meaningful.

Be Part of the Fusion: Witness the Creation

Join us as we embark on this creative journey, where the elegance of Víya meets the boldness of Joshua Mohamed. Follow our collaborative process, from inspiration to final creation, and witness how we push the boundaries of fashion and jewelry design. Be a part of this unique adventure, where every piece is a celebration of cultural narratives and modern elegance.

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