Engagement Ring Evolution: From Solitaires to Colored Gemstones

Engagement rings, akin to fashion, witness evolving trends. The quintessential image for many is the round brilliant diamond, gracefully adorned with accent diamonds - the classic solitaire engagement ring. This style rose to prominence in the 1940s, thanks to the iconic De Beers campaign, "A diamond is forever". Originally an effort to rejuvenate diamond sales post-Great Depression, this campaign entrenched diamonds as the emblematic engagement stone.

Platinum's scarcity during World War II pivoted the popularity towards rose-gold and yellow-gold bands. But the magnetic allure of the past soon reemerged. The 1960s, fueled by pop culture, brought back colored gemstones reminiscent of the art deco rings from the 1920s and 1930s. Icons like First Lady Jackie Kennedy with her diamond-emerald two-stone ring and Sharon Tate's opulent opal encircled by rubies shaped this era. The '60s echoed glam, emphasizing sleek silver metal settings.

The '70s waved a brief goodbye to colored centerpieces, welcoming instead angular diamond cuts like the emerald and princess cut, paired with the regality of rose and yellow-gold bands.

Echoing its ostentatious fashion, the 1980s celebrated colored gemstones, with yellow-gold bands enveloping these vibrant stones. A testament to this trend was Princess Diana's resplendent 12-carat oval sapphire, haloed by diamonds.

Post the '80s exuberance, the '90s yearned for minimalism. Platinum and white-gold reigned supreme, with the rise of marquise diamonds and a renaissance of the solitaire engagement ring. Trends have since then revolved, with icons like Ariana Grande showcasing off-center diamonds beside pearls, Lily Collins flaunting morganite, and Halle Berry's stunning emerald ring. Notably, Princess Diana’s iconic sapphire ring now graces the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Modern engagement trends are painting outside the lines, veering towards asymmetry, vivid gemstones, or diamond alternatives. Whether you're captivated by the traditional solitaire or a colorful gemstone, the horizon of choices is boundless.

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