Introducing āyana

We have teamed together with sūnya to create āyana, the world's first NFT tennis bracelet.

āyana is beyond a simple collection of jewelry. It's the world’s first bracelet with an identity – each bound to a digital twin and secured by the blockchain, blurring the boundaries between the digital world and our physical reality.

Each handcrafted with 65 emerald cut, colorless, VS stones set in 14 karat recycled white or yellow gold, Āyana fuses timeless elegance with visionary technology.

Understand how each piece was crafted, where the materials came from, who owned it before, and even who interacted with it in the past – all with a simple scan of your phone. 


65 emerald cut, colorless, VS diamonds


Breathtaking elegance, groundbreaking technology that evolves over time.


Unique, one of a kind, and always secured by the blockchain.