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At Víya Jewelry Co., we are driven by a mission to create not just jewelry, but art that tells a story—your story. "The Barter Exchange" is our innovative initiative where imagination and craftsmanship converge, resulting in exceptional jewelry pieces. Dive into a world where every creation is a testament to the power of artistic collaboration.

Latest Collaborations:

Josh Raiffe x Víya:

Experience the magic of glass and gemstones as we collaborate with Josh Raiffe, a master of glassblowing from Brooklyn. His unique approach to glass artistry infuses our designs with unprecedented forms and textures. 

Zahra Nazari x Víya:

Join us on a creative journey with Zahra Nazari, whose work is inspired by her rich heritage and the architectural grandeur of global cities. Her bold, abstract expressions are now being translated into the fine lines and delicate forms of our jewelry.

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The heart of The Barter Exchange lies in its ability to foster unique partnerships that blend diverse artistic disciplines. From the vibrant energy of fashion shows to the meticulous detail of traditional craftsmanship, our collaborations are about pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities.

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We invite you to witness the unfolding of new creative narratives as we venture into collaborations that challenge the conventional. Follow our stories, engage with our artists, and perhaps, inspire a collaboration of your own. With each partnership, we continue to craft jewelry that resonates with personal stories and cultural dialogues.

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The Barter Exchange at Víya is more than just a collaboration platform; it's a movement towards redefining the landscape of jewelry design through creativity and partnership. Join us, and let's do diamonds differently.

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